Family Reunion Location: 7 Things To Consider Before You Decide

barbadosThe location of your family reunion plays a significant part in how successful the event ultimately is.

In order to finalize on a great location, the planning committee has to take into consideration the family’s size, geographic distribution, and their willingness to travel.

Here are some things for the family reunion planning committee to consider in the initial stages of selecting a location.

Is This The First Or The Fifth Family Reunion?

Familiarity breeds comfort. If you have had several family reunions already, then your attendees will be far more willing to travel further away from the families homebase. In fact, destination family reunions have been on the rise for years. Popular locations in the US are San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

If however, this is your first family reunion then we would suggest staying close to home. Most of your attendees will want to spend time rediscovering their past and getting to know people they may have not seen in years.

The Location Should Be Accessible to Everyone

When choosing a location for your family reunion you should keep in mind that it should be of easy access to the majority of your family members. An ideal option is choosing a location that is close to the majority of your family to cut down on travel costs and to allow for the most attendees. If this is not feasible consider a halfway point for everyone, somewhere that is easy to get to for everyone that allows for equal travel distance for almost everyone.

It Should Be Affordable

Consider the price of the location, rental fees, food options and parking costs. If you are planning on a destination reunion it is also important to consider flight and hotel costs as well. Look for group rates where ever possible and make sure that the total cost of the trip fits into everyone’s budget.

Group Rates For Accommodations

An important thing to remember when selecting a location is to get group rates for hotels. Hotel costs can play a significant role in the final budget so make sure you have a good idea of what kind of rates you can expect.

When you are ready to book rooms for your family reunion, try our online hotel bidding system that allows you to book hotel accommodations at great group rates. Once you submit the group request form, hotels bid against each other providing you with the lowest rates. Unlike other companies, our services are free, and you deal directly with the hotel without a middleman.

Before deciding on a hotel, make sure it is close to the events and activities that you may have planned. Look for discounts on shuttle or rental vehicles to help cut down on any extra expenses for travel.

How Convenient Is The Location?

If the majority of your family members will have to travel by air to attend the family reunion, consider hosting it at a location that is an equal distance away from everyone. For example, if you have family in Arizona  Texas, and Colorado, then select a location such as Albuquerque as it is right in the middle of the three states.

What Activities Are Offered At The Location?

Do thorough research on activities and events occurring at the locations that you are considering. Which ones offer something that would be of interest to the majority of your family. Many cities have festivals, parades, and other activities that you can use as an anchor for the family reunion.

How Long Do You Plan to Stay?

When you are deciding on a location consider how long you will be staying. Whether you are having a one day reunion or planning a week excursion, think about the overall trip. If you are planning an elaborate getaway such as a family reunion cruise or family resort make sure that everyone can afford the vacation before finalizing any plans or details.

Planning the location of your family reunion takes some effort. Keep the factors above in mind and don’t be afraid to do some researching and leg work when finalizing this part of your event.

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