How To Block Hotel Rooms For A Sports Team

SoccerBlocking hotel rooms when your sports team should not be a hassle. It used to be that you had to call hotels individually to get group rates.

The whole process was cumbersome and took over a week to complete, if you were lucky. Half the time, hotel sales managers were too busy to call back and you ended up calling multiple times just to get rates.

Not so anymore…. With the three steps below, you can get rates from several hotels, compare their amenities, and book a hotel in less than an hour. You will save time, frustration, and you’ll do it all without making a single phone call. Oh and it’s free….. Try it out and you won’t go back, we promise.

Block Hotel Rooms For Your Sports Team In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Fill out our simple group hotel rates form. This step takes about five minutes. Make sure to include any important details in the comments section like “We’d like all team rooms near each other”, or “We’ll need a small meeting room at night for a pizza party…needs to be free!!!”. Press Submit and you’re on your way

Time Spent: 5 Minutes

Step 2: A few minutes after you submit your request, hotels will email you their lowest group hotel rates. The rates are organized in an easy to view format to make comparison easy. Take a look at each offer and select the best one by pressing contact hotel.

Research Time: 15 Minutes

Step 3: Once you select a hotel, you will be forwarded contact information of the person who provided the group rates. Call/email hotel for a contract and you are done. Simple.

Time Spent: 5 minutes

Get started now by getting group hotel rates.

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