Questions To Ask Classmates Before You Create A Class Reunion Memory Book

The class reunion memory book questionnaire will help you gather information on classmates personal life, career, and any other relevant details since graduation.

The information you receive from these questionnaires will help you create a great Class Reunion Memory Book with lots of information about classmates that would otherwise remain unknown.

There are four important points that you should consider when creating a class reunion questionnaire.

  • What kinds of questions to ask
  • Ease of use
  • Length of questionnaire
  • Photos

Your decisions regarding the above three points will affect the number of people that take the time to complete it.

What kind of questions should you ask?

Class reunion questionnaires are mostly about one’s personal life. You want to ask questions about their loved ones (Names, ages, etc.), where they have been since graduation/last reunion, and what they are up to know.

Regardless of what questions you ask, make sure they are positive in nature (Your most cherished moment etc.).

The questions can be comical or serious in nature so long as you stay consistent in your tone. Also, the questions should be either multiple choice or short answer format.

A popular question at our class reunion was “What is your favorite joke?”. While the question seems harmless, it brought the house down when we read the results out loud after our class reunion dinner banquet.

Ease of use

How complicated is it to complete the form? Do you need special software like Microsoft Word to complete it? Can the form be completed online?

The easiest way to get a large number of classmates to fill out the memory book questionnaire is to post it on the class reunion website. Send out an email with the link to the form and have classmates complete it online. Make sure the questionnaire is not too long.

If you do not have your own Class Reunion Website (You really should have one), you could post the survey questions through a website like

Alternately, you can create the document in Microsoft Word and email it as an attachment. The drawback with this method is that some people may not have Microsoft Word so they won’t be able to complete it.

Length of questionnaire

When is a form too long? If the questionnaire is five pages of questions in small font, then don’t bother sending it. You’re just wasting postage (or bandwidth). Consider creating a questionnaire that is no more than 20 questions long, written in large font, and no more than two pages.

Most people don’t have the time to complete forms that are more than this length. They will just put it off for later and eventually forget about it.


Make sure to ask for photos in your questionnaire. You are going to need them for the memory books and the slide show. Ask for a current photo, a family picture, an old photo while they were in school, and maybe a baby picture too. Have them write a short caption that describes each picture’s significance.

The class reunion questionnaire provides great information that you can use in a newsletter, website, or in memory books. With the advice above, and the free sample download, you should be able to create one with ease.

Download sample class reunion memory book questions.

What should you do next?

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