Family Reunion Registration Form: Download Free Template

Creating a family reunion registration packet is not easy. It involves some research time and the ability to organize the information into a cohesive package. To help you get started, we have created a free sample template of a family reunion registration packet. The document has been created in MS Word so it can easily be changed to your families needs.


As soon as the details (Where, when, how much) of the family reunion have been decided, it’s time to start preparing the registration form and packet. Traditionally, a reunion registration packet was prepared and mailed to all attendees.

It usually took about 4-6 weeks to get responses by mail. Nowadays, the registration and payment for family reunions can be done online right through the family reunion website (we would highly recommend getting one).

What Are The Contents Of A Family Reunion Registration Packet?

There are three methods by which you can provide a registration packet to your family reunion attendees. You can mail it, email it, or post the whole thing on a family reunion website (Most people end up using all three methods). Regardless of whether you go with a paper based registration packet or an online one, the contents are the same.

Cover Letter

A cover letter should be at the beginning of your family reunion registration form. It should include all the necessary information about the date and location of the family reunion. Keep the tone of your letter friendly and make sure to list all the benefits of getting together.

A Registration Form

The registration form should include the full names of all the attendees that are expected to come from each family. It should also include their ages and their sex.

Group Hotel Reservations

resort-punta-canaMake sure to include family reunion room block information. Include group rates for hotel, cut-off dates, cancellation policy, and what group code needs to be used when calling to make reservations.

If you are feeling particularly generous, then include what amenities the hotel is offering for your group (Hospitality suite for family reunion, free welcome gift etc.)

Payment Information

Make it easy to calculate the reunion dues. Have two price tiers, one for adults and one for kids. Make sure to include who to make the check out to.

An Agenda

Whether you are planning a weekend event or a week long family reunion cruise, you’ll want to include an agenda of what attendees can expect. Planning one activity every day along with a designated time for everyone to meet in the evening is probably all you need to plan. Leave a large part of the day for each family to choose what they would like to do.

Area Activities For Family Reunion

An area map with a list of activities nearby will get your family thinking about what they would like to do when they are at the reunion. You can look up activities and things to do on the Internet and then include the list in the registration packet.

Alternately, you could just call the area visitors bureau and have them mail you brochures, coupons for popular activities, a list of things to do, and information on any festivals or special events. When you speak to then, let them know when your reunion is going to be and what group hotel you have selected so they can provide accurate suggestions for festivals, and events around town. Include the brochures, coupons etc. in the individual family reunion registration packets for everyone to peruse through.

Make Sure You Have Help

Cox Family's Logan Visit

When designing the family reunion registration packets, be sure to have 2 to 3 volunteers help you.

Make the goal to design materials that convey how excited you are about hosting a family reunion.

Design often plays a large role in how people perceive your family reunion so make sure you have someone on your team that knows how to make printed materials more attractive and inviting.

Including the information above in a registration packet may seem cumbersome and unnecessary. However, doing so will serve many benefits. For one, you will be able to update everyone with the same information at the same time. Relying on word of mouth for this much information will lead to confusion. Another benefit of creating it is that it will decrease the number of phone calls you will receive asking for the same information over and over again.

Ninja tip: Post everything (i.e. Activities, registration forms, brochures) on the family reunion website including an FAQ section. Send out a mass email with the exact URL of where all the information can be located. As you get more questions, continue adding to the FAQ section. This will cut down on the calls you receive looking for additional information.

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