How To Create A Facebook Group For Your Family Reunion

facebook-groupsFacebook groups is a simple way to create a mini website for your family reunion.

It’s a great way to create a private space that can be shared with just your family.

The group can be used to share updates, post pictures, and provide family reunion information.

While not as comprehensive as a full-fledged family reunion website, it does provide a great way to communicate for those looking for basic solution.

Create A Facebook Group For A Family Reunion

Here are the steps to making a Facebook group for a family reunion.

1. Go to this link and input all your family reunion information. In order to create a Facebook group, you have to have an existing personal Facebook account.

2. Once you’ve set up a group, and all your family reunion details in the “info” section. Make sure to have the exact name of your family reunion, the date, and location. If you have blocked hotel rooms for your family reunion, provide details here.

3. Invite family members to join the group. Anyone you invite has to have a facebook profile to join.

4. Facebook groups have some great features that come in handy for a family reunion. The most useful ones are discussion, notes and Polls. Discussion is where you can chat with family members about a specific topic that you do not want getting lost in the “Wall”. The notes section is where you can post things like hotel information, room block information, or even directions to the picnic. Polls are great if you are confused about a specific topic (Sample question: “Would everyone like to barbecue in the park or have a sit down lunch on Sunday?”), take a poll.

What You Can Do With A Facebook Group

There are many advantages to creating a facebook group for your family reunion. Here are a few of the ones we like.

It’s as private as you need it to be. There are three privacy settings that let you choose from keeping access to the group completely private to completely open.

Post Updates
Everyone in the group can post comments, photos, and videos at any time. Updates made on the facebook group “wall” can be emailed to you so you don’t have to constantly check the group page. You can also chat to catch up before or after the reunion.

Schedule Events
Schedule events like family reunion planning meetings, family reunion fundraisers etc. without having to send emails to every single person. Just schedule the event and everyone in the family will know instantly

Add polls, message boards
You can add polls to any facebook group so if you have a question to ask your family reunion members, this is a great way to get answers. Learn how here.

What You Can’t Do With A Facebook Group

Some things that you can’t do on a Facebook group are the following.

1. Design – You can’t design your own Facebook group page to reflect the “Look” that you would like. The design is the same as everyone else so there is very little differentiation between your family reunion group and anyone else’s. With a regular website through myevent, you can create some stunning websites with templates.

2. Reporting features – There are no reporting features with a Facebook group. A dedicated family reunion website will provide details on attendance, payment information etc.

3. With a dedicated website, you can send invitations, own your own domain name, and create features like a family tree. Not so with a facebook group.

4. With a traditional website you can also send out a newsletters to attendees

If any of the features above are ones that you can’t live without, then we would suggest going with a family reunion website specialist like

A facebook group is a great way for family members attending a reunion to interact ahead of time and even make plans. Once you create one, the number of family members engaged in discussions will increase significantly.

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