How To Determine The Size, Location, And Time Of Year For Your Family Reunion

The FamilyPlanning a family reunion involves a lot of detailed planning and minute intricacies.

Before you get to the details though, you will need to answer three basic questions about planning a family reunion.

In this article, we will go over what these questions are and the quickest way to get them answered.

So What Are The Three Questions?

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably planned a family reunion before. If you’ve planned a family barbecue or a weekend camping trip with family members, then you already know some of the aspects of planning, organizing, and communicating with family members. In smaller family reunions (less than 25 people), it’s a lot easier to just pick a local park and call all your relatives to tell them what to bring. It’s really that simple.

If your family reunion is larger than that, then you will need to take into account that you are making decisions for people that you may not know all that well. In order to “hear” what they want, you will want to send out a family reunion survey that will help you glean answers to three primary questions.

1. What is the size of our family reunion

2. What is the best location for the family reunion

3. What is the best month for everyone to attend a family reunion.

In order to understand the importance that each of the above three plays, we have elaborated on them individually.

Size of Family Reunion
In order for you to understand what we mean by small, medium, and large in our articles, here is how we define it.

Small reunions- Less than 25 people

Medium Reunion – 25 to 50 people

Large reunion – Greater than 50 people attending

Planning for 25 people at a park is very different than a destination family reunion for 100 in Miami, Florida. While there are all types of family reunions (BBQ in backyard, banquet in VFW, large bash at hotel), they are all governed by size. Knowing the number of people that will be attending will help you sharpen your focus on what locations are legitimate candidates for your family reunion. Once you have determined the size, you can move onto the location.

Family reunions can be hosted at national parks (Yellowstone), local parks, major cities (New York, San Francisco, Orlando), or even at the beach.

Selecting the location for your family reunion is an extremely critical aspect. It can be as simple as having a potluck dinner in a park or as complicated as getting group hotel rates for a large room block in San Diego. Factors that help you decide on the location include input from family members, budget, and attendee availability. Once you have determined the size and location, then, you can figure out what the best time of year is for your family reunion.

Time of year
Family vacations, access to activities, and school schedules all play an important part in determining what time of year a family reunion can occur.

Most of North America prefers to have a family reunion sometime in the summer.families with kids are flexible to travel during the summer since school is out. Also there are far more activities to choose from during the summer months than at any other time of the year.

While summer may be popular, the fall and winter months can accommodate family reunions as well. Many a family will plan a family reunion cruise during winter break or even a group ski trip. Just remember that if you do plan a family reunion around Christmas or Thanksgiving, you will have to notify your family a year or two ahead of time so other plans aren’t made.

Finally, if you do choose to have a family reunion outside of the summer months, try to select a three-day weekend or during a time when schools are closed. If you select a date that conflicts with a family member schedules, your attendance is sure to suffer.

Family Reunion Surveys Are A Godsend

In order to answer the questions above, you are going to have to send out a family reunion survey. If the majority of your family is web savvy, then set up the survey online at Your responses will be fast and will be tabulated with data without the use of a spreadsheet. Make sure to send out a paper survey for family members that are not familiar with or don’t have access to a computer.

If you need help, just download a free sample family reunion survey.

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