Set Up A Timeline For Each Family Reunion Committee

2003 Family ReunionHaving assigned one person to lead each committee, you will want to give them some direction on what needs to happen next.

Each committee will have different responsibilities, tasks and the number of volunteers needed.

In order to determine the steps for each committee, a timeline needs to be developed.

Get a Timeline Together

Each area of responsibility (hotel selection committee, catering committee etc.) will require a different timeline. Creating one is as simple and can be done in four steps.

  1. Write down individual responsibilities
  2. Assigns tasks needed to be done to accomplish each responsibility
  3. Assign due dates for each task and a due date for watch responsibility. Keep in mind that some tasks and responsibilities are inter-dependent.
  4. Assign volunteers for each task

The timeline should be set in chronological order along with responsibilities assigned to each individual step. In the example below, we will use the hotel selection (Accommodations) committee to illustrate the responsibilities, tasks, due dates, and volunteers.

Sample Timeline For Hotel Selection Committee

Task Due Date Volunteer Assigned
Get Group Rates For Hotels

Due: 8/8/2011 John Lasher
Conduct Hotel Site Tours

Due: 9/30/2011 John LasherJim BillupsJenny Billups
Present Findings to Family Reunion Planning Committee

Due: 10/15/2011 John Lasher

  • Inform communications committe chairpoerson that hotel has been chosen
  • Provide hotel information, room block information, group code, cut-off dates, and cancellation policy information so it can be updated on the website and newsletter
Due: 11/1/2011 Tim Santori


Create A Master Calendar

When everyone has submitted their timelines to the chairperson, a master calendar should be created with all the tasks on everyone’s timelines included. Doing so will give the family reunion planning committee an idea of what is due when.

Placing all the timelines together on one calendar also brings to light the interdependencies between different committees. For example, in order for the catering committee to decide on a menu, the accommodations committee has to negotiate group hotel rates, and finalize a contract.

An easy way to maintain a master family reunion calendar is to have one on your family reunion website. If the schedule is posted online, it is easier for everyone to get updated without having to send e-mails back and forth.

Stress the importance of everyone sticking to the dates that they have to have everything completed by. What you are trying to avoid is a domino effect where one person’s tardiness causes the entire reunion planning schedule to be delayed. Not only will you have to have another meeting to reset the dates, you also cause additional frustration and friction between the people who are hitting their marks and those that are not.

Solicit Family Reunion Volunteers

Once a time line is set, it is time to start recruiting volunteers. Each individual committee member should decide on how many recruits they need and should actively solicit them on their own. Should they need guidance on how many to recruit, they can always talk to the chairperson for advice and any additional help.

Stop Organizing And Start Doing

Having a timeline and asset of volunteers, it is time to get moving. As in the old saying, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, it is time to get started. Organize the troops and assign volunteers to tasks that can complete based on their personalities and amount of time each can devote.

Each committee leader should provide regular updates to the family reunion planning committee. A progress report with any challenges or delays should be communicated as quickly as possible. If one committee is falling behind, other planning committee members may be able to pitch in and help get things done.

Planning a family reunion requires a set of extremely organize people who are working towards a common goal. While there may be hiccups along the way, don’t be discouraged. You should expect for one or two things to fall by the wayside.

The key thing to remember is that you have to set up a schedule for the entire family reunion, and hold people accountable for each individual task. Timely completion will lead to happier planning.

What should you do next?

Since you’re planning a family reunion with a committee, read “Organizing Your Family Reunion With A Committee“.


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