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This article is about questions to ask on a family reunion survey AFTER the reunion is over. If you were looking for a set of questions to ask PRIOR to a reunion, then click here.

Question!Taking a family reunion survey at the end of your reunion is extremely important.

The feedback you receive from your family reunion attendees about what they liked, disliked, wanted, didn’t care for, etc. is important enough that you should have a survey filled out by every attendee.

There are three surveys below, one for your attendees, one for kids, and a modified one for family reunion volunteers.

Download Family Reunion Survey Questionnaire

Family Reunion Survey Questionnaire  
Family Reunion Survey For Kids  
Family Reunion Survey For Volunteers  

While the family reunion survey above is a template, you really should customize it to suit your family reunion. Before you start to customize the document above, here are some family reunion survey tips to ensure that you are using the best practices so as to get the best results.

Be Specific

Wishy washy questions will lead to wishy washy answers. Ask questions with as much detail as possible. Instead of asking “How was everything?”, ask something along the lines of “How would you rate the entire weekend? Terrible – Fair – Great – Super”. Being specific not only helps you get better results, it also helps to shape the survey takers answers

Categorize Your Questions

Grouping your questions into multiple categories will help your survey takers answer faster and with more detail. Nobody likes to respond to random questions that have no phyme or reason. Categorizing into smaller sections (ex. Group Hotel Accommodations Questions, Reunion Volunteer Questions etc.) will keep your survey takers thoughts in order and that will result in better, more complete answers. Doing this alone will increase the response rate of your surveys.

Don’t Worry About The Length

While we are not saying that the survey should be as long as a book, we do think that you can have a survey longer than a page. We would recommend that your family reunion survey be 2-3 pages long and make sure the questions are categorized.

Multiple Choice or Free Hand

This is always a popular debate for any kind of survey. Some people prefer multiple choice surveys because they lend themselves to easier data processing (ex. 37% of our survey participants loved the last reunion). Free hand surveys however provide much more detail into the actual family reunion. Given a free hand to write their thoughts, your family will surprise you with their responses.

Take Two Surveys

Plan on having two surveys, one for adults and one for kids (yes, kids too). Taking a separate survey for kids that specifically targets their needs, likes, and dislikes will offer tremendous insights into your family. You will notice that kids will answers family reunion survey questions very differently. Getting their opinion and then acting on it by planning the next reunion with kids in mind will improve the experience for everyone involved and will increase the attendance at the next reunion.

Feedback from adults and kids about what they liked (Questions like “Did you like the hotel we selected?” or “Was the group rate for hotels too high for you?”) and disliked is supremely important and will help you plan a better reunion in the future. If someone else is planning the next reunion, then this information will be invaluable to them as well.

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