Why You Need A Family Reunion Website

Family Reunion Website ImageA lot of people shy away from creating a family reunion website thinking that it’s too complicated.

With the advances in technology, it is very simple to make a great looking family reunion website so you can gather and distribute information to everyone in an efficient manner.

Not only will a family reunion website save you time and effort, it will help you keep family members interested by letting them chat, and message each other online.

What Are Some Benefits Of Having A Family Reunion Website?

Pass on family reunion details
Any event that brings together a lot of people will require a lot of communication. You need to be a able to pass on details of when and where the family reunion will take place along with details about group accommodations, cancellation policies, parking information, directions etc.

Take surveys and polls
Should you serve chicken, beef or fish during your big banquet? How does everyone feel about going boating or having a barbecue at a local park?

Have any and all questions answered by putting up a poll on the website. You can also arrange for a different kinds of surveys to be posted on the website so everyone can answer questions about what works for them what doesn’t.

Keep an updated list of attendees
Want to attract more people to the family reunion? Then post a list of the people that are already attending right on the website. Seeing that list grow daily will get a lot of “on the fence” family members to come and join you.

Chat with other family members on the forums
If you’re really looking to make your site interactive, then make sure the company you choose to go with offers a message board or a chat function built-in. Both are easy to manage and don’t require any programming knowledge. By having a message board and/or a chat function, you can encourage participation and discussion. Family members can talk amongst themselves and that alone will build excitement for the event itself.

Collect family reunion dues and complete registration forms
Having trouble collecting dues? Use this easy feature to collect money from all family reunion members by making everyone register directly through the website. You won’t have to go collecting checks or wait on anyone. Family members will be able to register and pay directly through the website. It can’t be easier than this.

Send out emails
Family reunion websites also offer the ability to send e-mails directly from the website. While you can post non-time sensitive information on the website itself, if you need to get an important message across(Like cut-off dates for a room block at a hotel) to everyone you can use the e-mail function.

It’s Not Expensive
Most people think that having a family reunion website is expensive but that is not true. You an create a free website with Facebook in minutes and it will cost you nothing at all. You can also try MyEvent.com which offers a great family reunion website creator that requires no programming knowledge. Just drag and drop. Plus they offer a free trial.

Family reunion websites are easy to create and manage. And they can be a great tool to keep family members engaged right up until the reunion itself.

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