What You Need To Know About Planning A Wedding Cruise

dolphin cruise...Wedding cruises are a great alternative to the traditional banquet style wedding. Couples that have planned wedding cruises describe it as a spectacular idea that anyone looking to get married should consider. The romantic atmosphere makes for great memories that last a lifetime.

Planning a wedding cruise is easier than you think. You just have to know what the choices are and then select the one that suits you best.

There are two types of wedding cruises that one can plan.

Small Intimate Wedding On A Cruise

Have a small intimate wedding aboard the cruise ship with other cruise guests serving as witnesses. Simply buy the cruise tickets first and then call the cruise line to add on a “Wedding package”. The wedding packages come in different shapes and sizes with the most basic ones including.

  • A ceremony performed by an officiant
  • Flowers
  • Cake cutting service with Champagne toast
  • Special wedding cake topper
  • Your choice of music
  • Incredible service and recognition by staff members while on board
  • All inclusive meals, activities
  • Several romantic islands to plan romantic excursions

Wedding Cruises With Family And Friends

Wedding cruises involving both sides of the family and friends come highly recommended by everyone. What starts out as a wedding cruise inevitably turns into a family reunion of sorts where everyone catches up with each other over several days of sailing. The packages for wedding cruises of this sort can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.

But do cruise companies know how to perform a wedding at sea?
Of course they do. Cruise ships host thousands of weddings every year. When you book a wedding cruise package, you will get access to a cruise ship wedding planner that will help plan everything from the get go. Instead of going crazy looking for vendors, your wedding planner will help make your dream wedding a reality. The best part is that their services are free when you book a wedding package on the cruise.

I love the idea of getting married at sea, but I don’t think any of our family members or friends will join us on a cruise?
You’ll be surprised at how many family members and friends will join you on a wedding cruise. The trick is to plan ahead and give everyone notice of your wedding cruise at least a year in advance. Knowing that your wedding is on a cruise ship, many of your family and friends will just make a vacation out of it.

But our families may find the wedding cruises expensive?
Contrary to what you might have heard, a cruise vacation for a family of four is actually cheaper than a land based one. When you factor in the hotel, food, activities and transportation, a cruise vacation actually comes out ahead due to its all inclusive nature. Just about everything on a cruise (food, activities, entertainment, tips) is included in the price of the cruise itself. All you have to do is group rates for your wedding cruise.

How do I get group cruise rates for my wedding guests?
Simple, fill out this group cruise rates form and cruise companies will email you their group cruise rates. The quotes are provided free of charge. (Learn how you can cruise for free if enough of your guests join you on your wedding cruise)

What Are The Benefits To Wedding Cruises?

Simplified planning
Combining the wedding and the honeymoon simplifies the planning process for the bride and groom. You no longer have to plan a whole wedding and then plan a weeklong honeymoon somewhere else.

Destination Sunset
A wedding cruise provides a spectacular backdrop to the most special day of your life. Spend your wedding and honeymoon island hopping waiting for the sun to set…or rise.

Free room for the bride and groom
When you book a wedding cruise, you may be eligible for a free room yourself. If at least 8 rooms are booked (at double occupancy) by your family or friends, your room will be free. Getting eight couples or family members to join you is not as hard as you may think. In most cases, just the bride and grooms families take up at least eight rooms. Just plan early and send out save the date cards to your guests.

Family reunion rolled up in a wedding
A cruise ship wedding is a unique vacation of sorts that provides lots of options for both you and the guests that choose to sail with you. Having family member s join you on your special day creates everlasting memories. The unique experience of a cruise ship wedding will double as a family reunion with both sides of your families getting to know each other in a stress free setting.

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