Weekend Reading For Group Sales Professionals 4/26/2014

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Want to be a successful salesperson? Then you need to sharpen that saw every weekend by reading some articles that expand on your existing knowledge. Here are five articles that will help you build your skills.

5 articles/resources to read this weekend

Tips to attract government business
While government travel is being cut back, it still represents a large portion of demand that hoteliers can capture. However, catering to government business today requires tweaking old strategies.

Need more traveling nurses business?
Here are a list of traveling nurses agencies that help nurses find jobs and help with housing (i.e. hotels). See if any of the agencies sends business to your city. A shortcut is to call the hospitals in your area and find out which agency they use to get traveling nurses.

Travel Nurse Housing – Tips for Securing Your Own Lodging
Some good information on what traveling nurses are looking for in housing. It may help you get a better understanding of this target market.

List your hotel on this traveling nurses website
You can post housing options for free on this website.

List your hotel on this new group leads website
New group travel website that has a nice clean interface. You can list your hotel here and if you get any business, let the rest of us know.

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