How To Block Hotel Rooms For A Military Reunion

The Westin Pune Koregaon Park—Deluxe RoomAnytime you need more than ten (10) rooms at a hotel, you qualify for group rates.

Being that military reunions generally take up more than just 10 rooms, you can expect a 20-25% discount from regular hotel rates.

In order to book rooms, you will have to follow the following two steps.

  1. Get group rates at hotels in your desired city.
  2. Negotiate with a few hotels to finalize details.

Let’s start with number one.

Automated Group Hotel Rates

Blocking hotel rooms for your military reunion with an automated system is fairly simple. Instead of using the cumbersome process of calling every hotel, simply fill out a group hotel rates form. In the comments section of the form, enter in as many details about your military reunion as possible. The form will not take you more than five minutes to complete.

Once submitted, the details of your request are sent to area hotels who then look at their room availability and respond almost instantly. Group rates are then sent back to you based on seasonal factors and the amount of rooms needed.

Once you receive all the quotes by email, select which hotel is best and contact them directly to either negotiate more amenities or get a contract together for your hotel room block.

The advantage of blocking hotel rooms with the automated system are

  • Since hotels know that they are bidding against each other, they generally bid their lowest price, even guaranteeing it in the process. This saves you money.
  • Another advantage is that there were no phone calls required with the automated system and you get group rates at area hotels in less than an hour. This saves you a lot of time.
  • The whole process is anonymous so that hotel does not know who you are till you are ready to do business with them.
  • You can book as a group but have your members pay the hotel individually with their own credit cards.
  • Easy to compare group hotel rates since you can download one spreadsheet with all the group rates, amenities offered, free hotel room information, cut-off dates etc.
  • No middle man. Get hotel rates directly from the source. Select the best rate and block rooms at the hotel directly.
  • Average savings for a group rate is 24% off regular prices. Discounts for military reunions have been as high as 70% off.
  • It’s free.

Narrow Your Choices, And Negotiate

Once you have group rates for hotels, have your accommodations committee select three to four suitable hotels from the list and start working the phones. Call the sales managers at these hotels to ask if they would be willing to provide additional amenities like free shuttle service, or a free hospitality suite.

Jess Sandusky, a military reunion planner, enjoys making the phone calls and building a relationship with the hotel sales managers. She says “I have always found that calling several hotels to block hotel rooms allowed me to build some camaraderie with the sales managers and I am able to garner additional perks based on that relationship”.

Once you are satisfied with the group hotel rates and amenities, ask the hotel for a room block contract. Before signing, make sure to read the attrition clause, cancellation policy, and cut-off dates.

Finally, ask the sales manager for a group code so military reunion attendees can make reservations in the room block.

What Should You Do Next?

Block hotel rooms by getting group rates at hotels by filling out this form.

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