How to Plan a Military Reunion

arkansasThere are many things to consider when planning a military reunion including location, number of participants, travel plans and duration of the reunion.

Take into consideration the following suggestions to help you to make decisions during the planning phase of your event. Also, consider downloading our military reunion checklist.

Before you Begin

There are many things to consider during the pre-planning stage. You must; determine who to invite, decide on the budget and how the expenses will be covered and plan the pre-event promotions.

Who will attend?
Consider everyone that may be attending the event. Are you planning to host just your battalion or the entire unit and their family? You must consider spouses, children and other relatives that may be at the reunion.

What is the Budget for the Event?
Some things to consider when preparing the budget are hotel accommodations, meals, social functions, activities and any taxes or gratuities that there may be. Once you have determined the budget stick with it.

Will there be Pre-Event Promotions?
You may need to create newsletters, invitations and advertisements for your attendees prior to the event. You may need to post information on a website for your unit or people that you have lost contact with over the years.

Selecting a Hotel

When selecting the hotel accommodations for your military reunion there are a few things to consider. Some of these considerations include; type, cost and amenities. Doing your research is important to find the best deals.

Type of Hotel
Once you have decided on a location for your reunion it is important to choose a hotel that meets your requirements. You may need a place that can host a large social event such as a resort or a place that can accommodate recreation and business in the same location.

Cost is somewhat negotiable but often finding great rates can be a hassle. Our site will enable you to find the best hotel rates for your group. We offer an online bidding system which allows you to choose the hotel that has bid the right price for your business. There are many hotels that will offer perks such as a free hospitality room, microwaves and refrigerators on suite and a full breakfast.

Depending on what your needs are, check out hotels that offer amenities that suit those needs. If you are hosting a business meeting as well as a social gathering you may need a desk in the room. You may also want activities and recreation on site such as a gym or indoor pool. Ask the front desk if they have the amenities that you are looking for before you book your hotel.

Making Travel Arrangements

When making travel arrangements it is important to book flights early to get the best rates. You will need to consider not only the flights but also any rental costs that will be incurred once you land at your location.

Making Flight Plans
Call ahead at least six months to book flights. Make sure that you ask for group rates as this can help decrease costs if there is more than one person flying together on any given flight. Don’t forget to ask for a military discount as well as often

Once you are at your location you will need to find transportation to and from your venue and hotel. Check with the local car rental companies ahead of time to determine the best place for you to rent your vehicle. Often these companies offer group rates as well so make sure to ask.

Putting it all Together

Once you have decided on the location and have secured your travel and hotel plans you must put everything together. There are a number of things to consider when finalizing the reunion plans. They include; finalizing the venue, menu and entertainment, choosing a theme, mailing invitations and announcements, contacting any special guest speakers, and deciding on decorations for the reunion.

Finalize the Venue
Once you have chosen the location you will need to book it. Make sure that you finalize the plans several months in advance to make sure that you will have the location on the date of the reunion. Before you sign any contracts for the venue make sure that it has all of the required equipment and necessities.

Finalizing the Menu and Entertainment
Choosing the menu and entertainment is another key factor that must be considered. You must decide whether to have the event catered or if you are having a pot luck style meal. You will also need to decide whether you are hiring entertainment or making your own. Some options for entertainment include; a pool party, dancing, cocktail hour or a live DJ.

Choosing a Theme
Depending on the style of your military reunion you may choose to have a theme. Make sure that you allow plenty of time for creating any decorations or purchasing anything that is needed to add to the décor. You may need to seek approval for any revisions or production materials that may be used.

Mailing Invitations and Announcements
Another important part of finalizing the plans for your reunion is to send the invitations and announcements to those that you would like to attend. If there are requirements for reservations make sure to include any deadlines into your mailings.

Finalizing a Guest Speaker
If you have planned to have a speaker at your reunion, decide on the topic that they will cover and the estimated time that the speaker will need for the engagement. If you are planning an MC for your event, make sure that you have all of the final arrangements made well in advance.

Last Minute Decorations
Be sure to have all of your decorations bought and finalized at least two weeks before the reunion is to take place. Remember to bring them to the venue with you on the day of the reunion. If the venue is providing the decorations for you be sure to call ahead to insure that everything is ready when you arrive.

Planning for your military reunion doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these simple tips and guidelines to make your reunion planning go more smoothly.

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