7 Advantages of Group Travel for Business

Planning any kind of Group Business Travel, whether it is for a construction crew, or a large meeting has always been a challenge.

For those of us that were planning meetings and group travel just a decade ago, we know how difficult and time consuming this process used to be. Once you had organized a list of who was going and what their individual needs were, you then were expected to call several hotels and airlines and get quotes. While that may sound easy, it was often the most time consuming affair. After playing phone tag with several hotels, you could expect to get a small discount for your efforts and even that had to be negotiated with attrition rates, cut-off dates, and huge deposits.

Fast forward to today and a lot of these problems no longer exist. With price comparison sites like ours, it is easy to organize, plan, and execute any kind of group travel for your business. Whether you are arranging a large meeting with multiple destinations or rooming block at a hotel for your construction crew, we can make your life easier with an automated group travel booking tool. Here are seven advantages of using GroupTravel.org for your business.

No more phone tag

Many of us do not have enough time in our day to sit and wait for folks to call us back. It is frustrating enough trying to get things organized and then having to wait for individual rates is just an added hassll, especially if can be avoided. With our automated group travel technology, you simply fill out a short form with your travel dates, your rate requirements, and location and the rest is taken care of.

Without the use of a phone, you were able to send out a group travel booking request to all the hotels that can accommodate your request. Within minutes of your request, you will start to receive bids on your business by email. Pick the best combination of rate and amenities for your business and you are done. A process that used to take a week or more can now be completed in a few minutes.

No More Negotiation

Negotiating with a several hotels to get a decent rate for your group is a very convoluted process. Aside from the frustrating game of phone tag which often results in the salesperson telling you that they do not have the rooms available, you also have limited choices in the amount of hotels you can talk to.

After all, how many hotels are you really going to call if you have to do so manually. Not many people have the patience to call all the available hotels, find out if they have the right amount of meeting space and whether they have the availability or not. Once you narrow the list down to a reasonable amount of hotels, you then have to start to negotiate the price, attrition clauses, cut-off date, and deposits.

With GroupTravel.org, you have none of the above mentioned issues. There are no phone calls to make, and nothing to negotiate as hotels will bid for your business. They will present group rates along with any attrition clauses, cut-off dates, and any deposits that they will require. Since hotels know that they have heavy competition, they bid aggressively, leaving you with the lowest possible group rate to select from.


When filling out our short form, don’t be shy about asking for freebies. Many hotels offer the following in their offers:

Free Hospitality suite

Free breakfast for your group

Free shuttle to nearby attractions

Free meeting room for a quick get together

A percentage off at the bar

Free Hotel Rooms for coordinators

Try asking for any of the above when you are filling out the group travel form. There is no harm in asking.

Multiple Quotes

Many corporations require that you get several quotes from area hotels before getting approval. With our automated online system, you will get quotes from all area hotels that fit your requirement. Having a list of bids from multiple properties in less than a day is a significant advantage over multiple phone calls and emails. We have one form and that is all you need to get multiple quotes from all area group hotels.

No Risk

There is no risk to try out our services and there are no obligations since we do not require a credit card or any payment from you. Once you try the group travel booking tool, you will be surprised at how much time is saved.

Individual Pay or group pay

A significant advantage we have is that once you decide on a hotel, you do not have to pay right away. You can hold a block of rooms with a simple deposit (Which can be waived if you ask for it) and your group members can pay individually or as a group.

It’s Free!

This service is completely free and does not require a credit card. There is no risk or any obligation on your part. If you are looking for great rates for your business group travel and are tired of doing things the old way, then give us a try. We promise that you will never look back.

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