Best Time Of Year For A Destination Wedding

Beautiful spot, perfect weather for a wedding!“What is the best time of year to have a destination wedding at [insert location]” is a question we get asked a lot.

Couples planing a destination wedding know that they need to consider many variables before deciding on a date for their event.

One important consideration for many couples is the weather.

Many destination weddings occur outdoors so getting married in the middle of rainy season or hurricane season is certainly not advisable.

Below you will find locations listed in alphabetical order.

We have mentioned peak travel times, shoulder seasons and times to avoid having a destination wedding.

If we missed your destination, please let us know and we will add it to the list.


Most Humid

Rainy Season

Hurricane Season

Argentina Dec-Mar Similar year round
Antigua & Barbuda Similar year round Aug-Dec Jun-Nov
Australia Jan-Feb Feb-Jul
Bahamas Jun-Oct Jun-Oct Jun-Nov
Bali Similar year round Jan-Feb
Barbados Apr-Nov Jun-Nov Jun-Nov
Belize May-Sep Sep-Nov
Bermuda Jul-Sep Similar year round Jun-Nov
Brazil Jan-Feb Dec-Mar
California (USA) Jul-Sep Jan-Mar
Cayman Islands Jul-Aug May-Jun, Sep-Oct Jun-Nov
Chile Dec-Apr Jul-Sep
China (northern) Jun-Aug Jul-Aug
China (southern) Jul-Aug Jun-Sep
Cook Islands Jan-Apr Nov-Mar
Costa Rica Similar year round May-Oct
Cuba May-Sep Dec-Mar Jun-Nov
Dominican Republic May-Nov May-Nov Jun-Nov
Egypt May-Oct n/a
Europe (northern) Jul-Aug Nov-Mar
Europe (southern) Jun-Sep Nov-Mar
Fiji May-Nov Similar year round
Florida (USA) Jun-Sep Sep-Oct Jun-Nov
Grenada (Caribbean) Apr-Nov Jun-Nov Jun-Nov
Hawaii (USA) Apr-Dec Similar year round
Hong Kong Jun-Sep May-Sep
India Jun-Aug Jul-Sep
Jamaica Similar year round May, Oct Jun-Aug
Japan Aug Sep-Oct
Kenya Jan-May Apr-May
Malaysia Similar year round Similar year round
Maldives Similar year round Jun-Jul
Mauritius Jan-Mar Dec-Apr
Mexico Similar year round Jun-Sep
Morocco Jun-Sep Nov-Dec, Mar-Apr
Las Vegas, Nevada Jul-Aug Dec-Feb, Jul-Aug
New York Jul-Sep Jul-Aug
New Zealand Jan-Feb May-Oct
Puerto Rico May-Nov Apr-Jan Jun-Nov
Seychelles Feb-May Dec-Mar
Sri Lanka Similar year round Apr-Jun, Oct-Nov
South Africa Nov-Mar Nov-Feb
St Kitts & Nevis Similar year round Aug-Dec Jun-Nov
St Lucia Sep-Oct Jun-Nov Sep-Oct
St Vincent & Grenadines Similar year round Jul-Nov Jun-Nov
Thailand Apr-Jun May-Oct
Trinidad & Tobago Sep-Nov Jun-Dec Jun-Nov
Turkey Jul-Aug Nov-Dec, May
Turks & Caicos Similar year round Oct-Nov Jun-Nov
Virgin Islands (UK & US) Similar year round Jun-Dec Jun-Nov



Go: Alaska has a very short window of opportunity for destination weddings. With July and August being the busiest months for tourists, you would be better off planning a June or a September wedding of you wanted to lower costs.

Don’t Go: October through February is frigid. Also, the weather is very unpredictable so any wedding would be at the mercy of winter snow storms, and airport delays.

Australia & New Zealand

Peak and shoulder season: Winter and summer are the other way around down under so you can expect great wedding weather from December through February.

November and March are traditionally the shoulder seasons where you can save on costs and still have a great destination wedding.

Times to avoid: June through October is cold so an outdoor wedding is not a possibility unless you want a winter wedding.


Peak and shoulder season: Much like the most of the islands of the Gulf of Mexico, the weather in Belize is great from December through March.

If you want to go when the crowds are not as heavy, then avoid spring break, winter break, and any major holidays.

Times to avoid: June through September are hot with many wedding vendors not available for weddings.


Peak and shoulder season: May through September are the peak traveling times to this destination. Weddings, meetings, and other social events are in full swing along with the traditional festivals.

One thing to avoid is the Cup match in the first week of August. This is a cricket match that the whole island shuts down for. Having a wedding at this time would be very difficult.

Times to avoid: November through February, while not frigid by any standards is still cooler than the rest of the year. Your guests can still have a good time, but the waters are too cold to swim in and many activities are shut down for the season.


Peak and shoulder season: November through March are a perfect time to host a destination wedding on the Caribbean islands.

Make sure to avoid winter and spring break as it can be expensive and very crowded.

If you do book during these weeks, then host your wedding on one of the smaller, more exclusive islands not known for spring break madness.

Times to avoid: Hurricane season extends from May through October and we would avoid them.


Peak and shoulder season: High season in Chile is January and February so costs will be higher. Flights from Miami and other major destinations in the US are reasonable outside of these two months. Spring time is one of the best times to go to Northern Chile.

Times to avoid: Winter is during July and August so unless you want to have a ski wedding, this is not a good time for a destination wedding.

Costa Rica

Peak and shoulder season: If you’re planning a wedding in Costa Rica, then January through March is your best bet for an outdoor beach type wedding. There is very little rain during this time of year but crowds are aplenty. Most of these take place in Guanacaste (northwest beach area).

Times to avoid: May through September is the rainy season in Costa Rica.


Peak and shoulder season: July and August are the peak season so make sure to book well in advance. It is also the most expensive time to have a wedding in Fiji. June and September are the shoulder months and can be very nice months for an outdoor wedding (and cheaper too).

Times to avoid: November through February is cyclone season.


Peak and shoulder season: Most of coastal Florida is very busy from December through March. The weather is great for outdoor weddings, and the nights are relatively cool making for great after party atmosphere.

Times to avoid: Summer is hot and humid in Florida. Also, hurricanes can threaten most of the coastal cities from September through November. Avoid spring break season (March and April) as well.


Peak and shoulder season: Summers are busy in most of France as they are the most pleasant time of year to wed. April and May make for nice spring months and lower prices.

Times to avoid: Winters are tough in northern France. The Mediterranean side may be a bit better if you insist on getting married in November or December.


Peak and shoulder season: May, June, And September are the busiest months for a destination wedding in most of Greece.

Times to avoid: November through March are not wedding friendly in terms of weather. Remember that service staff is reduced in August due to Europe’s vacation month.


Peak and shoulder season: Best time to go is anytime. Temperatures hover around 70’s most of the year with a dry season that lasts between May and October.

Times to avoid: Tourist heavy times like Christmas should be avoided as costs skyrocket.


Peak and shoulder season: The best time for a destination wedding is from April to October. High season is June, July, and September. The shoulder months of April and October can be pleasant, dry and less expensive.

Times to avoid: Avoid August as it’s too hot mostly

Las Vegas

Peak and shoulder season: Best time to go is March, April, May, September and October in terms of weather. August can be too hot to have a wedding there, especially if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. If weather is not really a primary concern, then you can married anytime. Lots of hotels have begun offering elaborate wedding packages that include some nice ceremonies.

Times to avoid: Holiday weekends, Big fight weekends, and any large sporting event (NCAA finals etc.) will draw out all sorts of crowds to sin city. Avoid these times as things can get pricey.


Peak and shoulder season: May through September are an ideal time to get married in Malaysia with May and September being the shoulder months.

Times to avoid: Monsoon season (November through January) should be avoided.


Peak and shoulder season: Best time to get hitched in Mexico is December through March. April and May are shoulder months when rates are cheaper and the weather is still nice.

Times to avoid: Summer is too hot to do much. Spring break (March and April) should be avoided unless you are getting married in a city that does not see that kind of traffic. June and October are rainy so they should be avoided as well.


Peak and shoulder season: October through April are when you can host a destination wedding in Morocco, with December, January, and February being peak months. October, March, and April are shoulder season months where you can get better deals for destination wedding packages.

Times to avoid: June through August are too hot.

New England

Peak and shoulder season: June and October are the shoulder months to a busy summer in the northeast. Prices spike in July and August so try to avoid those months if you can.

Times to avoid: Winters can be brutal in New England. However, if you are planning a ski wedding, then December and January make for some great outdoor settings.

New York City

Peak and shoulder season: Most of the year is busy here with May through October being the busiest for weddings. Shoulder months would be April and October for weddings. Keep in mind that prices in NYC are much higher than anywhere else so even shoulder months will be out of range for most couples planning a destination wedding.

Times to avoid: December and January are cold and wet for the most part. Also, NYC is extremely busy with holiday shoppers during November and December so retailers and vendors may not be very focused on your wedding.

Northern California

Peak and shoulder season: Spring time is as good as any for a destination wedding in Northern California. This is when the early flowers are blooming in the vineyards, and tourists are just beginning to trickle in. Fall is also another good time to have a destination wedding here. While the crowds are bigger than spring time, they are still not as overwhelming as the summer.

Times to avoid: Summers are extremely busy with tourists and we would avoid a wedding at a vineyard at this time. Winter is also another season to avoid since the vineyards are bare.

Puerto Rico

Peak and shoulder season: Best time to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico is mid April through June. This is right after a busy tourist season (Which is not a good time to have a wedding) and before the rain starts in the summer. While you can marry in December and January, vendors will be very preoccupied with other priorities and your costs will be quite high compared to have a wedding in April, May or June

Times to avoid: Hurricane season is July through September and should be avoided for large events like destination weddings.


Peak and shoulder season: The Rockies offer a great summer and winter wedding backdrop. The summers are relatively cool and weddings can be hosted at many a ski resort that is open year round. If a winter wedding is what you are after, then late November through March are your best bets.

Times to avoid: The Rockies are very crowded in December during the break so we would avoid planning a destination wedding during that time.


Peak and shoulder season: June and September are good times of the year to visit Spain as the weather is relatively mild. Summers can be intensely hot in the internal cities like Madrid so if you’re planning a summer wedding, the location needs to be coastal.

Times to avoid: Winter is cold, especially in the northern part of the country so November through February should be avoided.


Peak and shoulder season: November through February are the best times of the year to have a destination wedding due to the relatively mild weather. As you approach April, and beyond, the weather starts to get extremely warm. Summers are generally extremely hot.

Times to avoid: Rainy season (July to October) is unpredictable and makes for a risky destination wedding location.

United Kingdom

Peak and shoulder season: Summer is the best time to wed in the United Kingdom. However, spring and fall have pretty good weather too and are far less expensive.

Times to avoid: Winters are pretty treacherous for weddings here due to the unpredictable cold weather.

The above are the best times of the year for a destination wedding at locations worldwide. We hope this provides a good starting point for you as you continue to plan your destination wedding.

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