Beach Wedding In Jamaica: What You Need To Know

Jamaica-beach-weddingJamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean located south of Cuba.

It’s the third largest island in the region and has a lot to offer couples and their guests!

The terrain is very mountainous which provides breathtaking views when you hike to the top!

Why Here?

Jamaica is a very popular destination for weddings because of the weather, beaches and affordable resorts. Its tropical climate, variety of exotic plants and animals and friendly people are a few other aspects that attract tourists.

What to Know

  • The hottest months in Jamaica are from May to September and the “winter” season is from December to March. The island does lie in the hurricane belt which means from June to November there are possibilities of bad storms. These are facts to consider when choosing your wedding date.
  •  Although there is always that risk when traveling out of the country, Jamaica is known for increased crime. Therefore, it’s recommended that you and your wedding guests stay on the resort property or travel to places as a group.
  • The official language of Jamaica is English. It makes it so much easier to plan a destination wedding when you speak the same language as the locals. If you don’t, make sure to get a wedding planner that speaks your language so you can easily communicate your wants and needs!
  • Temperatures on the island range from 66 – 99 degrees. Jamaica also experiences two rainy seasons, one from May to June and the other from September to November. However, even during rainy season the rain only lasts for a short time and will rarely ruin the entire day.
  • Renting a car is available in many of the major towns and cities, however, it’s important to know that in Jamaica they drive on the left side! If this isn’t something you’re used to you may want to use public transportation when getting around the island.

What is it Known for?

Along with its beauty and wonderful beaches, Jamaica is known for its culture. The people, history, music and cuisine are all unique and special. It’s where reggae music was first developed! It’s also known for its rum.

When planning a Jamaica beach wedding it might be nice to incorporate some of these themes into your reception. For example, you could play some reggae music when it’s time for dancing and your signature drink could be rum punch.

What is the Best Time to Get Married in Jamaica?

The most popular time to visit Jamaica is January through March because this is dry season and many choose this island as their Spring Break vacation. When planning a wedding you probably want to avoid the crowds and the expensive flights/resorts. Therefore, it might be best to avoid peak tourist season.

To also avoid hurricane season, which is from June – November and rainy season, the best time to get married in Jamaica is November to mid December. This is at the very end of the hurricane season where the weather starts getting beautiful again and it’s also before the holidays which is a popular travel time.

During this time you’ll most likely have sunny skies and perfect temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. You will also get a better deal on flights and accommodations! If you have a higher budget and don’t mind the crowds then you may want to have your beach wedding during the dry season even though that is peak time.

Choosing your wedding month and date is all about what’s most important to you and your fiance. You have to decide whether it’s having the island be less busy when you’re there, more affordable or having the chance for the best weather.

Whichever date you choose make sure to tell your wedding guests as soon as possible so they can start saving for the trip. Planning ahead also gives you the best opportunity to get a more affordable flight and having your first choice of accommodations. Popular villas and resorts may sell out quick!

What are the Marriage Requirements in Jamaica?

It’s not hard to get married in Jamaica if you aren’t a citizen, which is another great reason to choose the island for your destination wedding. To apply for your marriage license, obtain a License Form and Form of Declaration from the Ministry of Justice.

If you begin your application process before traveling to Jamaica you can be married 24 hours after arriving there. Along with paying the fee for the marriage license, the couple will also need their birth certificates. For the complete list of marriage requirements in Jamaica click here.

What to do next?

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