Beach Wedding In Saint Barts: What You Need To Know

Hotel-ChristopherSaint Barts is a French overseas collective territory in the northeast Caribbean and is part of the “French West Indies” along with St. Martin, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

It’s a volcanic rock that’s just 8 square miles, however, this small island has a lot to offer and is a great location for a destination beach wedding!

Why Here?

Saint Barths, or St. Barts as it’s often spelled, is a popular island for tourists because of the wonderful weather and beautiful beaches. It’s sunny and warm all year round except for during hurricane season when it experiences a lot of rain and a chance of tropical storms.

Saint Barts is also a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and other water sports. Many visitors enjoy shopping as well as the fun nightlife when the sun goes down! Additionally, there are many spas on the island which are perfect for the bride and her bridesmaids.

What to Know:

  • St. Barts is located within the Atlantic hurricane belt, which means during the months of June through November most people avoid it. When planning something as important as a wedding, you don’t want to risk a storm ruining your flights or other plans.
  • When planning your Saint Barths beach wedding it’s important to know that you need to submit a complete dossier a month in advance and deliver it in person to the civil registry. Due to this French law, many couples choose to have a civil ceremony at home and then a reception on the Caribbean island.
  • One great aspect of St. Barths is that from any part on the island you can get to any other part in less than a 20 minute drive. This is convenient for you and your guests because you aren’t confined to one city or town while you’re there! Everything is nice and close and you can explore the entire island.
  • The official language of St. Barths is French, however, many people also speak English. The official currency is the Euro.

What is it Known For?

Along with its great weather and white sandy beaches, St. Barths is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. You’ll enjoy exploring the coves, cliffs, savannas, exotic plants, animals and more. It’s also known for having some topless beaches, so keep that in mind if planning a beach wedding!

When it comes to accommodations, Saint Barths is made up of 70% private luxury villas and 30% hotels. This provides a more intimate setting which is nice for weddings. St. Barths is known for being one of the most elegant and exclusive Caribbean islands and is a popular destination for celebrities!

When is the Best Time to Get Married in St. Barths?

Along with many other eastern Caribbean islands, the best month to get married in St. Barths would be May if you had to choose one. By choosing this month you’re avoiding peak tourist season as well as hurricane season and also getting more affordable rates.

Peak tourist season in St. Barths is December – April. This is because many people in the U.S. and Europe want to get out of the cold weather for awhile and also travel for the holidays. These months are also said to be when you get the absolute best weather.

If you’re planning a St. Barts beach wedding then you definitely want to avoid hurricane season which is June – November. Risking the rain or a bad storm isn’t worth it when it comes to your wedding. You won’t want to worry about moving the ceremony and reception inside or cancelled/delayed flights. September – November are the worst months to visit this island.

If you choose to get married during the peak tourist season then it’s recommended to begin your planning at least 6 months in advance. You’ll also find that many hotel require a 10 day minimum stay. This could be challenging for your wedding guests if they aren’t able to stay that long or plan that far in advance.

What are the Marriage Requirements in Saint Barths?

Saint Barths has more marriage requirements than most Caribbean islands. This can be discouraging for some couples and some choose to have a civil ceremony at home and then the reception in Saint Barths to get around these strict French marriage laws.

In St. Barths you need to personally bring documents to the civil registry a month before your wedding date. This means either making two trips to the island which can be very expensive, or being a resident of the island for a month which many people aren’t able to do.

Some documents needed are a letter dated and signed by the couple requesting an application, birth certificates, passports, proof of residence and more. For the complete list of marriage requirements in St. Martin click here.

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