Beach Wedding In Saint Martin: What You Need To Know

Wedding-by-the-Beach-La-SamannaSaint Martin is located in the northeast Caribbean and is the smallest island in the world to be divided between two nations.

It has been shared between the Dutch and the French for about 350 years.

Each side shows signs of its own culture, which makes visiting the island a very unique experience!

Why Get Married In Saint Martin (Maarten)?

Since it’s such a unique and special place, St. Martin makes for a wonderful destination for a beach wedding. The French side is called St. Martin while the Dutch side is called St. Maarten. They both have different things to offer!

What makes St. Martin popular for a destination wedding is that its sunny all year round and the average temperature is 82 degrees during the summer months and 80 degrees in the winter. The trade winds provide a nice constant breeze. These conditions make it a perfect location for a beach ceremony!

What to Know

  • The island has 37 different beaches. The French side tends to have more private, secluded and quiet beaches. Some beaches in St. Martin are also clothing optional. If you’re planning a beach ceremony, these are some factors you may want to consider when choosing the specific beach.
  • In St. Martin, the legal currency is the Euro while in St. Maarten it’s the Antillean florin or guilder. However, U.S. dollars are accepted almost everywhere. Since each side is so different, it’s important to plan appropriately and perhaps bring a mix of all currencies just in case.
  • In St. Martin the official language is French while in St. Maarten it’s Dutch. However, almost everyone speaks English or Spanish as well. When choosing your wedding venue make sure there is a coordinator there that speaks the same language as you to make the planning as easy as possible!
  • Although people visit this Caribbean island all year round, it is located inside the hurricane belt. This means if you’re planning a St. Martin beach wedding you may want to avoid the months of June – November.
  • The Manchionneel tree is a poisonous plant that grows mainly along the beaches on the island. If you’re having a St. Martin beach wedding, inform your guests about this so you can all avoid it and not have a bad reaction ruin your trip!

What is it Known For?

St. Martin is most known for its beaches. There are so many and they are beautiful! The Caribbean waters also offer the perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. There are countless activities for your guests to enjoy.

Each side of the island is also known for their own things. The French side is said to be more lavish and elegant where you’ll find luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants. St. Maarten is known to be more active, more developed and more casual. Choose a location on the island that best fits you and your fiance!

When is the Best Time to Get Married in St. Martin?

When deciding on the date for your St. Martin beach wedding, there are a few important factors to consider. Ideally, you probably want to go when it’s less busy and more affordable. However, you also want to ensure the best weather possible!

If you want to avoid the crowds then you want to avoid peak tourist season which is from mid December to April. These are also the months where flights and accommodations will be the highest. However, if weather is at the top of your list when it comes to importance, then this is the best time to visit. The temperatures are in the 80’s with a low chance of rain.

Since St. Martin is located within the hurricane belt you’ll want to avoid planning your wedding during June – November. Even though you may get lucky and not experience bad weather, you don’t want to risk the chances of a bad storm. This could affect all of your plans, including flights of you and your guests.

Therefore, the best times to get married in St. Martin are May and early December. In May you still have great weather but you’ll experience cheaper rates and less crowds. In early December you’ll have your wedding before peak tourist season hits during the holidays.

What are the Marriage Requirements in St. Martin?

A few years ago St. Martin had a month long residency requirement, so many couples chose to get married on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. However, there has recently been a marriage law change and there is no longer that waiting period.

Now there is just a 10 day waiting period after the publication of the marriage banns. There are many documents that the bride and groom will need, including a photo ID, birth certificates, proof of address, photocopies of witnesses ID and more. For the complete list of marriage requirements in St. Martin click here.

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