Cayman Brac & Little Cayman: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

cayman-islands-golfCayman Brac is a 30 minute plane ride from Grand Cayman and offers unique scenery and attractions!

It’s terrain is much different than the other two Cayman Islands and it’s well known for “The Bluff”.

Cayman Brac wedding groups will enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and more.

There is so much to explore on this island even though it’s small! For destination weddings it’s nice to provide guests with a list of recommended things to do on the island.

In Cayman Brac there’s something for everybody. The warm weather and warm water provides the perfect conditions for many fun outdoor activities. For those that want to get out of the sun, there are other indoor options as well!

The Bluff

The Bluff is a cliff that surrounds the east end of the island. The limestone rises 140 feet above sea level and is definitely an amazing site to see! Wear comfortable shoes when you walk to The Bluff. It’s a great spot for rock climbers!

The Bluff dominates the island of Cayman Brac. You’ll enjoy the walk to get there and then the views and scenery when you arrive! Many visitors also like taking a trip to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is along the top of The Bluff and provides the most breathtaking views of the ocean below. There’s also a good chance that you’ll see some beautiful birds, most likely a Brown Booby! You won’t regret walking the lighthouse footpath.

Scuba Diving

The Cayman Islands is known for its scuba diving, so Cayman Brac wedding groups will most likely want to try this popular local activity. One of the best dive sites is MV Captain Keith Tibbetts. This is a wreck dive, as the Russian ship sunk here in 1996.

Another popular dive site on this island is Snapper Reef. The dive is shallow and you’ll see plenty of fish and other marine life. You can choose to scuba dive here during the day or at night time!

A highly recommended company in Cayman Brac to dive with is Reef Divers. Reef Divers has a friendly and experienced staff, nice boats and will take you to excellent dive locations! They will provide you with everything that you might need.


When you’re in Cayman Brac, you will have to explore the caves. Bring a flashlight so you can look for the bats! The caves are rocky so you also want to wear good sneakers. There are plenty of caves to choose from and each are unique!

Nature Walk

Cayman Brac is full of great nature walk opportunities. One of the best places is Parrot Preserve. This 180 acre preserve has a two mile nature trail for hiking. The trails are beautiful and you’ll hear the sounds of parrots, and maybe even spot a few!

Little Cayman

Little Cayman is the smallest of the Cayman Islands. It’s also the least developed, which makes it feel very secluded and romantic. There isn’t much for wedding guests to do on this island but relax on the beautiful beaches, sunbathe, swim, snorkel and scuba dive!

Even though there aren’t many attractions, Little Cayman wedding groups will love this island getaway and appreciate the paradise scenery. It truly looks like something out of a magazine! You’ll still want to provide them with recommended things to do.

Best Dive Spots

The best dive spot in Little Cayman is said to be Bloody Bay Wall. There are tons of fish and coral reefs to explore. You also may see a few turtles and sharks! Divers say it’s one of the best dive spots in the entire Caribbean. You can also snorkel here!

Randy’s Gazebo is another recommended dive spot in Little Cayman. Diving through the gazebo is a beautiful experience! The fish, reef and sponge-life make for a great dive. There are also plenty of nice photo opportunities! Bring a waterproof camera if you have one.

Another great dive spot on this island is Mixing Bowl. It’s where Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson Wall meets. The variety of marine life that you’ll see is wonderful! It’s a shallow dive too which is nice.

Most travelers visit Little Cayman for the beaches, water and scuba diving. It’s a simple island that you and your wedding guests will enjoy! It’s nice to get away from everything once in awhile. It’s also very quiet, so your beach ceremony will be very romantic.

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