Fun Ideas For An Adventure Wedding

20110917-1734_DSC_7717.jpgIf you and your significant other are into adventure based activities and love to explore the outdoors, then share that with your family and friends by having a wedding that incorporates this passion. No matter what you love, be it backpacking, skiing, horseback riding or mountain climbing, there is a way to arrange for a wedding it.

Your guests will love the uniqueness of a wedding in the sky ( or the ruggedness of a hike to a beautiful sunset wedding atop a mountain.

Many will enjoy the wilderness hikes, horseback riding and just exploring. Regardless of the kind of adventure wedding you plan, your guests will appreciate being able to see a side of you they may not know.

Take a look at the list of ideas below. Hopefully, they will serve as a creative inspiration for your wedding.


Most weddings that take place on Kayaks are done on a lake or near the shoreline at a beach. Should you want to do a kayak wedding, make sure that you and your significant other are both experienced. The last thing you want is for one of you to tip over and lose the wedding ring.

Hot Air Balloon Weddings

Ever dreamt of exchanging wedding rings high above the mountains. Imagine the romance and the excitement of floating in the air overlooking a sunset. Hot air balloon weddings, while not common, have become more popular of late.

There are many outfitters that specialize in weddings in the sky that can hold up to 10 wedding guests too. Here is a list of them (

Just make sure you hang on to the ring, or better yet, do the ring exchange on the ground before departure.

Mountain Climbing

You won’t need much in the way of vendors on this one. Just make sure you have comfortable clothes, shoes, and hydration to get to the top of any mountain of your choosing. Just make sure the view is great and is accessible by car for guests that can’t quite do the mountain climbing with you. If you need some ideas, look up local mountains in your desired wedding state and contact the local park officials to see what they recommend.

Whitewater Rafting

The most successful ceremonies take place on land so don’t try to exchange vows on the water. Let the guide know well ahead of what you are planning and ask for recommendations where you can stop the raft, exchange vows and continue rafting.

Guests who choose not to raft should be able to attend so select a location that is easily accessible by car and foot. Here is a company that specializes in weddings in Oregon and Washington

Ski Resort

Planned properly, a ski wedding can be just as romantic as any wedding in the Caribbean. Imagine riding on horse drawn sleigh to your wedding, toasting marshmallows near a fire pit, or getting married during a soft snowfall.

There are dozens of resorts all across the US that specializes in weddings and we have listed a few here.

Before you go trying to plan one, we would absolutely suggest that you get a wedding planner that specializes in this. Most ski resorts offer an in house wedding planner or can at least recommend one to you.

Horseback Riding

Imagine having twenty or thirty of your guests at a wedding ceremony atop horses. While the image sounds a bit peculiar, horseback weddings take place all over the country. So if you and your fiancé love to ride horses and want to share this passion, then get to an outfitter that specializes in this sort of thing.

Bungee Jumping

Do you and a bunch of friends go bungee jumping together? If this is your passion, then get married doing just that.

Get 10-12 of your friends to make a circle in the air and have the two of you exchange vows. It sounds ridiculous but its been done. And if bungee jumping is your passion, then there is no harm in sharing that with your friends and family.

Word of caution: Most of your wedding guests will not join you on the jump. They will however, eagerly await your joint landing at the base.

Scuba Diving

Getting married underwater is as unique as a wedding can get. You simply suit up in scuba gear, and say your vows underwater among the coral reefs and tropical fish.

Guests can join you or they can stay on the boat above and listen in through the communication system. Weddings underwater may or may not be legal depending on your location so make sure to ask the scuba diving vendor that is arranging the wedding.

Here are some vendors in the US :

  • – They have a reverend that is certified as a diver.
  • – Scuba diving in Australia
  • – Scuba wedding in Nassau, Bahamas
  • – Location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

For more locations, just Google the term Underwater weddings

Horseback riding

Have a sense of humor. If you want to get married on horseback, the horses might not be cooperative enough to stand still, and they might choose the wrong moment for normal biological functions. You have to remember that this is an adventure wedding and adventure sometimes translates “unpredictable”. You must be ready to accept whatever happens with grace and humor.

Other ideas:

  • Get married at the top of a glacier in Alaska –
  • Wedding on a private train in California –
  • Get married on a helicopter overlooking Las Vegas –
  • Popular spots to consider for an adventure wedding: Costa Rica, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, Mexico

Whatever you do, remember that this is your chance to show off your individuality as a couple. It is a chance to mark this pivotal step in your lives while being true to yourselves. What a perfect way to start the greatest adventure of all – a married life.

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