Getting Married In Belize: Legal Requirements

belize-weddingIt’s fairly easy to get a Belize marriage license, which makes it a great location for your destination wedding. Your marriage will be legal and valid internationally!

One thing you want to be aware of is that you and your fiance need to be in Belize for three days before applying for a marriage license.

Once you’ve been in the country for the required amount of time, you can go to one of two places to fill out the required forms and apply for your Belize marriage license.

Head to either the Registrar General’s office in Belize City or the Solicitor General’s office in Belmopan City.

Once there, you’ll need to show proof of citizenship and proof of marital status. For proof of citizenship you both need either your passport or birth certificate. Your passport will also show when you arrived to Belize.

To prove your marital status, you’ll need to show a death certificate if either party is a widow or a divorce decree if either party has been divorced. Once you show all necessary documents, pay a fee and sign the form in front of a Justice of the Peace, you should be able to obtain your Belize marriage license. There may be a waiting period of 1-2 days.

Once you receive your marriage license, you can have your ceremony and reception anywhere in the country and your marriage will be legal. You’ll need two witnesses present at your ceremony.

If you’re having your wedding at a resort, you will probably be given a wedding planner who will be knowledgeable about the laws. Since legal marriage requirements in Belize do change over time, you’re advised to check the official government website for exact details. You can find this up to date informationhere.

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