Inviting Guests To A Destination Wedding

Mini Wedding PartyPlanning a destination wedding can be very stressful for most brides.

Having spoken to hundreds of brides, we have heard time and again that the most stressful portion of the planning is inviting guests.

How many to invite? Who to leave out? And how many will attend? are top of the mind questions for every bride throughout the wedding process.

Having been asked these questions on numerous occasions, we decided to create a series of articles that should answer many of the burning questions of inviting guests to a destination wedding.

While we have listed them in the order that they should be read, feel free to jump around and get your questions answered quickly.

How Many People Should You Invite to A Destination Wedding

Confused about who to invite to the wedding? Here are three questions to ask before you decide on who to send out the invitations to.

Surprising Destination Wedding Statistics (And How They Affect You)

How much will your destination wedding cost? How many guests attend a destination wedding? What are the most popular locations for a destination wedding? Get answers to these and many more questions with our destination wedding statistics

Want More Guests To Attend Your Destination Wedding?

What can you do to make more guests attend your destination wedding? Here are some simple adjustments you can make that will make guests happy to join you in your celebration.

How To Cut Your Guest List For A Destination Wedding

How do you go about pruning your destination wedding guest list? And how do you do it without offending people? Here is some practical advice on lowering your guest count so you don’t go over your budget.

Sample Save The Date Cards For A Destination Wedding

We have over a dozen sample sample the date card ideas listed here along with links to other websites that have even more great save the date card ideas for a destination wedding.

Sample Destination Wedding Invitations

Want to know what vendors have the best destination wedding invitations? Here are some of our favorite vendors along with some sample invitations. In addition, we list our favorite destination wedding boards on Pinterest.

The articles above provide answers to some of the most popular questions we receive about inviting guests to a destination wedding. They include some common and some not so common strategies for keeping your guest list and your destination wedding budget under control.

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