Negril, Jamaica: Planning Group Activities For Wedding Guests

Snorkeling-with-malikaNegril is known as a resort town in Jamaica which is why it’s a popular location on the island for tourists.

It’s also known for having beautiful beaches and even said to have one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

Their most popular is “Seven Mile Beach”.

When you’re in Jamaica you spend a lot of time at the resort or place you choose to stay at.

Since Negril has so many great resorts and other forms of accommodations, it gives couples options. There are plenty of activities to do and attractions to see in the area. There are also some great spots for diving and snorkeling.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Negril, provide a list of the best local attractions and activities for your wedding guests. This will be valuable to them when they have free time to explore on their own. Guests who have the same interests can break off into groups and enjoy everything Negril has to offer!

Best Beaches

For Negril wedding groups that want to spend their time relaxing in the sun, they will want to head straight to the beach! This area is known for their beaches and you won’t have to go far to feel the ocean breeze and sound of the waves.

The most popular beach in Negril is Seven Mile Beach. It’s a long stretch of white sand along the turquoise Caribbean sea. The crystal clear water provides the perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling! However, one negative aspect of this beach and others is that there are a lot of vendors walking around trying to sell you things. When you’re looking for some peace and quiet this can get annoying.

For those that want to avoid these types of vendors, head to Half Moon Beach which is more private and secluded! There is also a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat and some drinks. This beach is considered a “hidden gem” and Negril wedding groups will really enjoy their time here.

Another popular beach in the area is Bloody Bay. It’s a great place for a long stroll on the sand! It’s also a nice place for snorkeling. It’s nice and quiet so bring a book, sit back and relax! The beaches in Negril are what attract many visitors and all of your wedding guests will want to spend some time on them.


Negril wedding groups should also visit the Negril Cliffs. It’s a beautiful and breathtaking place! The view is amazing and a must see. It’s also peaceful to hear the waves crash along the cliffs. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset! You can also swim and snorkel near the cliffs.


Another beautiful place to check out is Blue Hole Mineral Spring, which is just 25 minutes from Negril. It’s a big hole with water at the bottom surrounded by limestone. Wedding guests will love jumping into the mineral spring and having soft skin after scrubbing with the limestone! It’s a fun experience that you won’t want to miss!


For those that want to do some sightseeing the most popular spot is probably the Negril Lighthouse. It’s another great place to watch the sunset. If you climb to the top of the lighthouse you will enjoy the most incredible views! The lighthouse keeper will give you a tour and teach you about the history.

Deep Sea Fishing

For Negril wedding groups that might not want to get in the water and snorkel, dive or swim, they may be interested in going fishing! This will get them out on the ocean and experience an important part of Jamaica.

Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing is the most popular company to go fishing with in Negril. On the boat you may catch some Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna. It’s a great bonding activity and you can turn it into some friendly competition and see who catches the biggest fish of the day!


Jamaica is well known for its music. When you’re in Negril you definitely have to experience some of the Jamaican culture! A great way to do this is to go to the One Love Reggae Concert Series.

Every Tuesday night at the Negril Escape enjoy live music and entertainment. It’s so much fun and there is also some great food! Negril wedding groups will want to find something to do when the sun goes down and going to this concert is their best option.

Some other options for nightlife are Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Alfred’s Ocean Palace, The Jungle Night Club and Rick’s Cafe. Going out to dance or just having drinks by the beach and watching the sunset is always a fun time with friends! In Negril there are plenty of different things for wedding guests to do during the day and at night.

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