Noord, Aruba: Planning Group Activities For Wedding Guests

Parasail in ArubaNoord has the highest population in Aruba. It’s known for its large amount of hotels, restaurants, shops and beaches. There are plenty of activities for your wedding guests to do!

One of their favorite things will just be relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches and swimming in the crystal clear water.

If they are saying at a resort, there will be countless things right there to do as well. However, you’ll want to provide guests with some options outside of the resort.


For Noord wedding groups that enjoy tours, Trikes-Aruba is one of the highest recommended ones. Driving around the island on a trike is a fun and unique way to see the island! You may drive through a part of Aruba that you would have never seen on your own.

Scuba Diving

DiveVersity Aruba is another popular attraction in Noord. For those experienced divers or for those interested in being certified, it’s the best option on the island! Another choice is Private Diving. You aren’t rushed and you get to really enjoy the waters of Aruba.

Philip’s Animal Garden

If some of your wedding guests like animals, they’ll love a trip to Philip’s Animal Garden. You can feed and observe all different kinds of animals! You can have a free group tour and it’s a nice activity for all ages. If any kids are attending the wedding, they’ll love this place. Adults enjoy it too!

Animal lovers might also want to check out Rancho Notorious, where guests can take a guided horseback riding tour. It’s another great way to see the island in a unique way. You’ll enjoy breathtaking scenery and explore different sites, such as the California Lighthouse.


One of the best beaches in Aruba is Boca Catalina. If those in Noord, this is a great location for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling! You’ll be sure to see a ton of fish. You can also rent chairs on this beach which is nice. It’s also usually not crowded!

Deep Sea Fishing

For Noord wedding groups that like going fishing, Fishing Yacht Aruba would be a perfect activity. The Caroline is a 32 foot fishing yacht. You’ll most likely catch some wahoo, barracuda, tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi and more.

Groups can choose between an 8 hour fishing trip or a half day trip. You can have a maximum of 4-5 people on the boat. For the 8 hour option, you’ll be served a free lunch!

For those visiting Noord, Aruba for a wedding, you’ll also enjoy a beautiful and relaxing vacation for yourself. Take the time to do things that you are interested in! Aruba has a lot to offer and there are different activities for everyone.

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