Beach Wedding in Puerto Rico: What You Need To Know

Puerto-Rico-FlagPuerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s largest islands, with more than 270 miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

It’s located east of the Dominican Republic and its capital, San Juan, is a favorite city of many travelers.

Plan a destination wedding in Puerto Rico and create amazing memories with close family and friends!

Why Here?

Puerto Rico is a very popular location for destination weddings because of the climate, scenery and activities! Many couples extend their stay and enjoy their honeymoon here as well. Guests will also have an unforgettable time, as there’s something here to do for everyone.

What to Know:

  • The climate is about the same all year round. No matter which month you go, you should expect some nice 80 degree weather.
  • When you plan a destination in Puerto Rico you want to beware of hurricane season, which lasts from June 1st – November 30th.
  • Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, so you don’t need a passport to visit. Their two main languages are English and Spanish, and their currency is the U.S. dollar. This makes traveling from the states much easier! It will also make things more convenient when you plan your destination wedding.

What is it Known for?

Puerto Rico has 78 different cities, however, some are more popular than others. San Juan, Culebra Island, Vieques Island, Ponce and Rincon are five of the most favored. When you plan a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, choose which island best fits you and your fiance!

San Juan is the oldest city on US territory, so there’s a ton of history there. It’s also known to be very romantic. It’s the most popular city for tourists!

Culebra is one of Puerto Rico’s offshore islands and is 17 miles away. Many travelers enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and it’s known as the “best kept secret in the Spanish Virgin Islands”.

Vieques is another offshore island of Puerto Rico, 6 miles off the coast. Flying right into Vieques is the best way of getting there. However, if you fly into San Juan, you can take a connection to Vieques (a 25 minute flight) or take the ferry (more affordable option).

Ponce is located in the southern part of Puerto Rico and is the second largest city. Ponce is known more for its history and has been called “the most Puerto Rican City of Puerto Rico”! You really get to enjoy the culture there.

Rincon is known as “the town of beautiful sunsets” and would be a gorgeous setting for an evening wedding. It’s also said to have some of the best surfing waves in the world, especially between October and April. Your guests would definitely enjoy this activity when they had free time!

Puerto Rico is also known for their coffee and rum. The Pina Colada was actually invented in Old San Juan, which would make it a great “signature drink” at your wedding reception! When you plan a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, you’ll want to incorporate some Caribbean themes.

What is the Best Time to Get Married in Puerto Rico?

Tourist season in Puerto Rico is December – April because those from the United States want to get away from the cold winter. It’s less crowded from May – November, however, that is also hurricane season.

If you plan a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, it’s best to avoid hurricane season because you don’t want to worry about a hurricane ruining your special day. You also don’t want to make it difficult for your guests to fly into Puerto Rico due to weather conditions. You and your guests are going to be putting a lot of effort and money into the planning, so you shouldn’t risk it!

If you plan your destination wedding during tourist season, just try to plan everything as far in advance as you can, so you have your pick of vendors and resort. You also want to give your guests plenty of notice so that they can begin saving up for the trip.

Marriage Requirements

Since Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, there aren’t many extra legal requirements for a destination wedding here. Still, there are the basic requirements that you need to be knowledgeable about before you hop on your flight to the Caribbean with your fiance.

Items that you will definitely need for your destination wedding in Puerto Rico are a photo ID, birth certificate, marriage license, affidavits stating that you are not a resident and a medical certificate. You will then need to get all of these documents authenticated. Read more about the marriage requirements in Puerto Rico here! (link to other article)

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