Providenciales, Turks And Caicos: Planning Group Activities For Wedding Guests

activities-turks-caicosProvidenciales is the most popular island of the Turks and Caicos Islands for a reason.

The crystal clear waters with miles of coral reef makes it one of the best dive locations and the beaches are beautiful.

It’s the most developed of the islands and tourist-oriented, which means there are plenty of activities and attractions for wedding guests!

Providenciales, or Provo as it’s commonly called, also has plenty of great resorts. This makes finding accommodations for your guests easier. Additionally, there is a lot of history to explore, including signs of Caribbean pirates and plantation houses. Along with beaches the island also has a portion that is pure wilderness. Nature lovers will enjoy this part of Provo!

This island is 38 miles of beauty and your wedding guests will want to know how to make the best of their time there. Provide them with a list of the top attractions and activities so they can choose what to do during their free time! They’ll appreciate the effort if they’ve never been to Provo before.

Best Beaches

Providenciales wedding groups will definitely want to spend a lot of time relaxing in the sun. There are numerous white sandy beaches to choose from, however, some are better than others! One of the most popular is Grace Bay, which is a famous 12 mile beach. This is where a lot of water sports activities take place and there are many other activities and attractions!

The turquoise water looks like heaven and is nice and warm! This location is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s also a common spot for seeing dolphins! Here you won’t find any vendors trying to sell you things like you will find on many other Caribbean islands. This means you can really sit back and relax!

Another gorgeous beach is Taylor Bay. This is a nice secluded beach with shallow waters, making it perfect for a dip or safe swimming for kids. It can be difficult to find, but so worth it when you do. It’s said to be a “hidden gem”! Guests will really escape reality when they’re here.

Although it’s not a spot for sunbathing, Chalk Sound is said to be a must see while you’re in Provo. It’s the most scenic spot on the island, with the best turquoise water you’ll see in the Caribbean! The colors and view look like something out of a magazine. It’s a very peaceful and romantic place that wedding guests are sure to enjoy!

Horseback Riding

For Providenciales wedding groups that are looking for an activity, horseback riding is a great choice! It’s a fun bonding experience and a unique way to see the island. Provo Ponies is one of the most recommended riding stables on this island.

Provo Ponies is located on the southeast end of the island and they offer a morning ride and an afternoon ride. A group of up to 12 can go together, making it a perfect group activity! You’ll ride along quiet dirt roads and trails to Long Bay Beach, which is a 4 mile long secluded beach. The shallow waters allow you to ride your horse in the ocean as well! Bring your camera because there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

When you’re on vacation it’s nice to try new things. At Provo Ponies people of all experience levels can ride, including beginners. However, if you’re more experienced they give you the freedom to go faster. This makes it an enjoyable time for everyone in the group.


Since this island has such amazing blue water, Providenciales wedding groups should take advantage of it and go sailing on the open sea! Sail Beluga is a popular catamaran that offers half & full day private charters. They provide snacks, drinks & snorkeling equipment!

On the full day trips they also provide guests with a French picnic. Sailing around the Turks and Caicos Islands is a wonderful group activity and bonding experience. It’s also a way to see the islands from a different point of view! There will be countless photo opportunities, as everywhere you look will be a perfect postcard.

National Park

Princess Alexandra National Park is a slice of heaven on earth! It’s 13 miles of undeveloped, protected beach. It’s great for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and just taking a stroll. It’s never too crowded and it’s a peaceful and quiet spot!

Many coral reefs are visible and there’s plenty of wildlife, which makes the snorkeling conditions really great. The sand is so soft it feels like flour! For those looking for a gorgeous place to relax, this is definitely a nice option.


Most golfers like to try new courses, so when they’re on vacation they take the opportunity to go golfing! Provo Golf Club has an 18-hole championship course with a scenery that can’t be beat. It’s usually voted as one of the top 10 Caribbean golf courses!

Providenciales has so much to offer your wedding guests, which is why it’s such a popular island in Turks & Caicos. The beauty is unmatched in the Caribbean and the activities will provide some last memories. Your destination wedding here will be enjoyed by all!

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