St. Vincent: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

snorkelingSt. Vincent is the main island of St. Vincent and The Grenadines and is a great choice when planning a destination wedding in this Caribbean country.

It’s a wonderful place for nature lovers, where guests can hike to the top of La Soufriere volcano.

In St. Vincent there are also gorgeous tropical gardens, unique wildlife, perfect scuba diving conditions and more.

There are plenty of attractions to see and activities to do for your wedding guests! Below is a list of the most popular, which will be helpful to your guests during their free time on the island.

Best Beach

For St. Vincent wedding groups that want to spend most of their time relaxing in the warm sun, they’ll want to head right to the beach! Due to the volcano, there are many black sand beaches on this island, which offer a unique setting. There are also some white sand beaches to enjoy.

The most popular beaches on the leeward coast are Mt. Wynne, Petit Byahaut, Buccament Bay, Richmond Bay and Cumberland Bay. On the south side, Indian Bay Beach and Villa Beach are great choices. Young Island has pretty white sand and can be reached by ferry or water taxi across the water.

All of the beaches in St. Vincent are pretty quiet and there are rarely big crowds. However, If you’re looking for something very secluded and romantic consider taking a boat ride to Mopion. All that’s here is a small stretch of sand and an umbrella. The shallow waters surrounding this tiny paradise are perfect for swimming!

There are so many beaches to choose from when you’re on a Caribbean island, so letting your guests know which ones are the best will help them make the most of their trip. These beaches are also great spots for you and your fiance to have your ceremony!

Tropical Gardens

St. Vincent wedding groups will have to take a few moments to enjoy the natural beauty of the island! This means checking out their tropical gardens. The Botanic Gardens in the capital, Kingstown, are a must see.

Kingstown has the oldest botanical garden in the western hemisphere, which makes it even more special. It features beautiful flowers and plants throughout the world and you can take a group walking tour through it all. The guide will explain all of the exotic plants and you’ll learn a lot and see a lot of gorgeous things!

Montreal Gardens are another place where wedding guests can enjoy the beauty of St. Vincent. It’s smaller than the Botanical Gardens, but still a beautiful place with a variety of exotic plants and wildlife. Walking through the gardens is something nice to do if you’re getting tired of the beach and want a change of scenery!

Fort Charlotte

For St. Vincent wedding groups that want to explore the historical sites on the island, Fort Charlotte is a place to check out. It’s located above the bay of Kingstown, which means at the top you’ll experience breathtaking views. The fort was built in the 1800’s by the English to protect the harbor from French invasion.

The atmosphere, view and history are all to be enjoyed. The walk up would take around 20 minutes and many choose to take a taxi ride up to the top and walk down. Or, if you rented a car you can drive to the top. Remember that in St. Vincent you drive on the left side!


Since there is so much beauty to explore in St. Vincent, a great group activity is taking a hike. You get to enjoy the nature first hand and it’s a nice bonding experience. You also get exercise while being able to enjoy the outdoors.

One great hike is walking up to the top of La Soufriere, which is a 4,000 foot active volcano. After a 4 hour hike through a rainforest, you’ll achieve the proud moment of reaching the top! St. Vincent wedding groups will love the views and remember the experience for a very long time.

Another great hiking opportunity is Mesopotamia Valley, which is located between two mountains. The natural and breathtaking views of the valley are worth the tough walk. The valley is often referred to as the “bread basket” of St. Vincent because you’ll find nutmeg, coconut, breadfruit, guava, bananas, plantains, cocoa and other variety of crops during your journey!

Scuba Diving

For St. Vincent wedding groups that want to explore the Caribbean waters, then scuba diving is a fun activity. Dive St. Vincent is a popular company to use on the island. If you have a group of 6 then you will have your own private dive boat and get to choose which dive sites to go to!

St. Vincent is a gorgeous island that will be enjoyed by all of your wedding guests. There are so many options for them to choose from and there’s really something for everybody! Your destination wedding will be remembered by all and will make for a fun vacation for your guests.

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