Puerto Rico: Planning Group Activities for Wedding Guests

Puerto RicoOne article on group activities in Puerto Rico would not do justice as there are literally hundreds of things to do here.

In order to do the Island of Puerto Rico justice, we listed activities and things to do in the five largest cities.

The list below will help narrow down the kinds of activities that your wedding guests can do while they attend your destination wedding.

San Juan

If you’re having a destination wedding, you’ll want to plan some activities for your guests so they have plenty to do on their free time. In Puerto Rico, there’s something to do for everyone. Whether someone just wants to relax on the beach or go on an exhilarating adventure, they’ll find multiple options in San Juan. Learn more about planning group activities in San Juan.


If you’re visiting Rincon for a destination wedding, there’s one activity that needs to be on your to do list and that is surfing. Rincon is known around the world for it’s surfing, so it won’t be difficult to find a place that provides lessons. It’s a great group activity and will provide some laughs if it’s your first time! Read more about group activities that your wedding guests can do in Rincon


Ponce is less touristy than San Juan, which makes it a nice city in Puerto Rico to visit or have a destination wedding. There are multiple activities that your wedding guests are sure to enjoy while they’re here. One of the most popular attractions is Caja de Muertos, which is a nature reserve just off the coast. On this tiny island you’ll find a lighthouse, cave, hiking trails and gorgeous beaches. There’s also a marked underwater snorkel trail! Read more about group activities and things to do for wedding guests in Ponce.


Vieques is a beautiful island in Puerto Rico with plenty of activities to do. If you’re going to a destination wedding here, take a few days to enjoy what Vieques has to offer! There are many group activities in Vieques. One of the most popular attractions on this island is Esperanza Riding Company. You get to experience Vieques the way the locals do – on a horse! The two hour guided tour will take you through hills, beaches, woods and more. Bring your camera for some great pictures. Read more about planning group activities in Vieques.


If you’re visiting Culebra Island in Puerto Rico for a destination wedding, make a list of things you definitely want to see and do while you’re there.

Culebra is nice because it’s not touristy like a few other cities in Puerto Rico. There are no big chains or corporations. Even though it’s not as developed as some islands, that makes it more enjoyable in some ways. You’ll appreciate the peacefulness! Read more about planning group activities in Culebra

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