Hotel Site Inspection Checklist

Our hotel room at the Hilton Dubai CreekA hotel site inspection is the best way to compare hotels side by side for any kind of group travel.

Physically seeing a hotel, interacting with it’s employees, and walking the immediate neighborhood are intangibles that can’t be replaced by research online.

In addition, selecting a hotel after site inspections is relatively simple since you will have built camaraderie and rapport with the staff at one location.

In order to conduct a thorough hotel site inspection, it is important to use a checklist. Listed below are hotel inspection checklists for different types of groups.

Hotel Site Inspection Checklist

General Hotel Inspection Checklist      Download PDF

Class Reunion Hotel Inspection Checklist      Download PDF

Military Reunion Hotel Inspection Checklist      Download PDF

Family Reunion Hotel Inspection Checklist      Download PDF

Hotel Inspection Checklist For A Wedding Room Block      Download PDF

Hotel Inspection Checklist For A Work Crew      Download PDF

Hotel Inspection Checklist For A Social Event      Download PDF

Hotel Inspection Checklist For A Sports Team      Download PDF

Corporate Meeting And Training Hotel Inspection Checklist      Download PDF

If you are interested in learning more about how to conduct a hotel site inspection, read our series of articles on the topic.

Do I have to conduct a hotel site inspection for my group?
Researching online can only take you so far. After all, images can be photoshopped and the hotel can be made to look better online than it actually is. While we would use online reviews to narrow our choices, we would recommend conducting a physical site inspection before finalizing a location.

What will a site inspection tell me that a phone call to the hotel won’t?
A hotel site inspection will give you a great idea of how well the hotel is operated. Walking the hallways, staying a night, and meeting employees will give provide with cues of how competent the management and staff really are.

For example, when conducting a site inspection, we like to take a look at the trash lying around in the parking lot the night before the inspection. The following day, we then walk the same parking lot to see if anyone has been there to clean the trash from the night before. If the same trash is strewn about, then that is a bad sign.

When should I go see the hotels?
A hotel site inspection should be conducted after you have gotten group rates from several hotels. Make sure you compare the rates and amenities side by side and select the hotels that best fit your needs from a monetary and practical point of view.

But how many hotels should you include in your site tour?
At the very minimum, you should visit three hotels in a site inspection. To schedule a site tour, call or email the sales manager to let them know that you will be in town on a certain date and that you would like to see the hotel. Make sure to schedule the visit on a weekday as most hotel sales offices are closed on the weekend.

Is it necessary to stay at one of the hotels?
In tough economic times, you may not have the budget to stay overnight. If you can stay, then we would suggest doing so at the hotel that you feel is the strongest candidate. Read this article to learn more about what you should look for at a hotel the night before the official site inspection.

What am I looking for on the site inspection?
Look to see the following:

  • Cleanliness of the hotel
  • Eagerness of staff to earn your business
  • Flexibility with your groups needs
  • Flexibility with fees and/or group rates
  • Will the hotel will be suitable for your group attendees? Will this hotel be satisfactory to them? Are the rates too high? Too low?
  • Do they have enough meeting rooms and overnight rooms?
  • How is the surrounding area? Are there lots of things to do?

Can I negotiate during the site inspection?
Sure you can, but we would not recommend it. Take careful notes during the site inspection at all the hotels you visit and then make a list of the pros and cons of each hotel before you start negotiating. Know what is most important to you and your group and start negotiating with your top prospect first.

Done right, a hotel site inspection will provide you the necessary information to finalize a hotel for your group. Using the hotel inspection checklists above will help you ask the right questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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