10 Places to Have a Military Reunion

WILDCATS BannerMilitary reunion planning involves deciding on a great location that everyone will love and have a great time at.

A reunion committee is usually assigned the task of selecting the exact location.

Here are some tips to get you started.

VFW – The VFW is a great place to host a military reunion because it is specifically designed to accommodate soldiers and their families. Many VFW’s will have a banquet hall or reception area that would be ideal for your military reunion. Call ahead to your local VFW to book your reunion or search online for one that is in the city that you wish to host your reunion.

American Legion – Like the VFW the American Legion is an ideal place to have your military reunion. This location will be able to provide you with a space to meet with your comrades while having an atmosphere that is conducive to your type of reunion.

Military Museum – Another location that could be considered is a military museum. If you plan to travel to another state or city to meet with the other members of your military family an option is to locate a museum that has military memorabilia on display. Often these museums offer discounts to veterans. Search the internet for places to visit and call to book your tour.

City Rich in Military Culture – Visiting a city that is rich in military culture is another option. Places such as Washington D.C. that offer museums and guided tours around military sites offer a chance to learn about foreign wars as well as wars such as the Civil and Revolutionary wars. There are many options for places to visit, it may take a bit of leg work but it will be worth it for a reunion to remember.

Military Memorial Tour – Consider taking a guided tour around a city that has military memorials. You will be able to see monuments that’s main goal is to honor the heroes of our country. Cities such as Washington D.C. or Perrysburg, Pennsylvania are both great options to consider. If you are planning an extended stay plan ahead for hotel and travel accommodations to these locations.

Veteran’s Home Pavilions – Often there are picnic pavilions at your local veteran’s home that offer a great place for military families to meet and reconnect. These places are equip to handle large parties or intimate gatherings. Consider this location for a private party that will allow you to share stories and build lasting memories with your military brothers and sisters.

Hotels or Travel Lodges – Another option is a hotel or travel lodge. These locations often give discounts for soldiers and their families and can accommodate varying size parties. You will be able to convene and stay overnight at the same location cutting down on costs of traveling to and from the hotel and reception area.

Picnic Area – Hosting your reunion at a local picnic area is another choice. This option is ideal in the summer months. You will have the chance to meet with your comrades and their families while enjoying a traditional barbecue lunch or dinner. There are many activities and entertainment options available at this type of location as well.

Campground – If you are planning a weekend getaway consider a campground. This is a way to reconnect with your buddies. If you enjoy the outdoors a camping experience is a great way to spend time together.

Town Hall – Typically the local town hall will have a reception room or a place to hold a reunion. Consider this option to reconnect and regroup with your military family. Visit your town hall to insure that there is enough space for everyone that will be attending. Ask any questions about military discounts for renting the space for the afternoon.

There are many different options for places to hold your military reunion. With these 10 ideas in mind you are well on your way to making your reunion plans a reality.

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