Select A Date For Your Military Reunion

Image of a date on a calenderDid you know that the date you select will play a big part in determining how successful your military reunion was?

The date of the reunion will determine how many people can attend.

By selecting the right time of the year, you can almost double the attendance at your military reunion.

There are many crucial factors to consider when selecting a date for a military reunion.

Things to keep in mind include the type of reunion, the length of the reunion, the location, and the time of the year. Here are the most important ones.

Determine What Type Of Military Reunion You Are Having

Depending on what type of meeting this is will determine what dates you can select. If you are planning a short military reunion meeting to catch up with your shipmates, then you can select any long weekend in the next year and go with it.

If, however, you are planning a military reunion that is an extravagant week long affair then things will be more complicated. Keep in mind that if you are inviting family members, then your choices for dates will be limited to summer vacations, and long holidays like winter break and spring break.

Pick A National Holiday With A Military Theme

Military reunions that are set around a national holiday like Veterans Day, Memorial Day or the Fourth of July work really well. Planning one around these dates will a theme to your reunion with the holiday acting as a jumping off point for activities, and even banquets. (ex. If your military reunion includes Memorial Day, schedule a visit to a nearby cemetery for fallen soldiers).

Though less common, you could also focus on specific historical dates. For instance, have a reunion in the early part of December to commemorate the soldiers who died in Pearl Harbor. Or even dates that are of significance to the Vietnam War, Korean, or Gulf War.

Avoid Religious Holidays

Religious holidays tend to be reserved for more family related gatherings and should be avoided if you are planning a military reunion. While Christmas provides the right length of time to host a reunion in Florida, it will conflict with many family traditions and will lower the attendance at your event.

Send out “Save The Date” Cards

Once you have decided on the dates, send out “Save the date” cards (Alternately, try these magnets) to the folks whose contact information you already have. If this is an ongoing military reunion, then you should have a list of potential attendees from the previous military reunion planner. If this is your first reunion, then here are some ideas on how to spread the word about your military reunion.

In addition to the actual date, make sure the cards include a section that asks:

  • Do you know anyone who should be invited to this reunion
  • Would you like the volunteer? Here are some area we need help in.
  • Would you like to make a donation to the reunion effort to help other military reunion members cover their cost?

The Date You Select Will Never Be Perfect For Everyone, So Don’t Aim For It

Once you select a date for the military reunion, don’t change it. You will receive multiple pleas to change the dates so this and this person can make it etc. And as soon as you change the date, someone else will email saying that the original date was better and to change it back. Instead of playing this game, just stick to the original date that you selected and let others adjust their schedules around it.

If you use the guidelines above, you should be able to select a sensible date that works for most of the people that you invite to attend. Regardless of what date you select, make sure to have enough lead time (around a year) to do proper planning for a military reunion.

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